Troubleshooting Teachable

What is Teachable?

Teachable is the platform we have selected to use for a remote delivery of course information. Registrants for out on-demand or satellite format course will use teachable to:

  • Watch recorded video - learn terminology and foundational concepts prior to the live component of your course
  • Download course manuals and handouts - you may choose to print the manual if desired
  • Access information on joining a remote course via Zoom - live real-time lectures from our expert faculty, from the safety of your home
  • Submit a post-test to assess your learning
  • Complete a course evaluation to let us know what you thought and help us meet your future needs
  • Download a course certificate for continuing education hours


Do I need to create an account on teachable before I register for a course?

No, you will not need to create a teachable account, the first time you register for any one of our courses, you will automatically be enrolled into EGP Seminars school on Teachable. If you have already registered for the free ultrasound resources, make sure and use the same email to prevent creating multiple accounts. 

How do I get into my EchoGen Portal Seminars teachable account?

Log into the EchoGen Portal, a link to EchoGen Portal Seminars is found under the Continuing Education tab. The URL to take you directly to our school is


 Why can’t I log in to my teachable account?

The number one log in issue results from using a different email address when registering for a course than the one used when creating the teachable account. Students may have inadvertently created multiple accounts which results in considerable confusion.  For login issues always try alternate email address you may have used.  We recommend using a personal-permanent email to prevent loss of access to correspondence. 


I am logged in why can't I find my course? 

Students may have registered for courses using different emails this results in the creation of multiple accounts.  If your course seems to be missing from your teachable account, double check and try alternate email address you may have used. Contact EGP support for assistance with combining multiple accounts.

Technical Difficulties with Using Teachable

-If you are having technical difficulties, often the first step is to update and restart your computer. 

-Due to security, some hospital firewalls block access to file sharing websites such as Dropbox and Teachable.  We advise using a personal email and you may need to use a personal/home computer on a Wi-Fi network to access of course material.

-Teachable offers many support pages, visit the Student Guides if you have questions.

-If you are having issues with navigation, please refer to these resources:

·    Navigate and View Course Content

·    Troubleshooting Course Issues